All about Crystal and Indigo Children

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Crystal and Indigo children and people are blessed flaws incarnated as people On the Planet for a specific intent. In simplest phrases, they are ambassadors of healing the Planet Earth and everybody and everything on it. Well, to know more about indigo children, you can explore indigochildren and various other sources allied to it.

The primary AUTHENTIC influx of “ambassadors” (a.k.a. star seed, angels, healers, light workers, shamans, etc.) were native Americans because they relieved and harmonized with mother world, but Europeans set an end to that and in the end towards the native American approach to life. The problems of World War I inspired an additional effort at turning in ambassadors with all the concept of peace as solitary, unique agencies. Nevertheless, you can observe that Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Edgar Cayce, et al, didn’t succeed as confirmed by WWII, the Holocaust, Hiroshima and so forth.

How many folks recognize they’re Crystal and Indigo adults? I would want to share stories. Born in February 1942, I was raised in rural South Dakota, as being a suppressed Indigo child. In 1994, I reached a situation of courage to start talking about my deep experiences.

However, because of my mother’s concern with my understanding, she persistently and constantly turn me down–“Currently Dorothy, don’t-get overly enthusiastic.” Sometimes, that communication however drifts through my mind and I experience a way of reluctance to talk about my knowledge and activities, including this ‘risk-taking’ article. You can even head to to get more information.

Gem and Indigo individuals assumed they were like all people and just recently did they experience, recognize, work differently or discover their mission. Thus today they recognize their origins and applications, for the most part, and many of these became Indigo parents. Just how many people
are Indigo parents? I am an Indigo guardian. I would be prepared to reveal my expertise and knowledge being a guardian now grandparent of four Indigo grandchildren.

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