Case Study: My Experience With Remedies

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What are the Possible Causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? In full, PTSD stands for posttraumatic stress disorder. Ordinarily, the effects of posttraumatic stress targets the brain or mind and later affects how they work. Life is full of imperfections. This implies that there will reach a time when life will be too hard such that people become hopeless to a point of giving up. This is because of the experiences they are going through at the moment. However, reality demands that people should accept such circumstances and live on. Otherwise, their lives may be disoriented for the rest of their stay on earth. Lack of appropriate treatment may disengage a person’s life since this condition is a serious one. To understand what brings about posttraumatic stress, this article will look at the causes of posttraumatic stress. One is natural disasters. The times that accidents occur are when people have not planned for them. Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and fire are examples of natural disasters. When these disasters occurs, serious impacts are felt by the victims. People are caught up by natural disasters any day anywhere. People run to save their lives the moment they get attacked by these disasters. Lives are lost as a result of such disasters. Some of the property that get destroyed in the process that is worth a lot of cash include buildings, houses, cattle and machinery. The victims might have had strong attachment to these things. Such losses disorients the minds of folks. They end up not accepting the facts. Others may develop heart attack. What follows after a number of years, is difficulty in adaptation to normal lives. Such cases are what results to posttraumatic stress. Sexual assault is another major cause of posttraumatic stress. It is possible to find adults who never wish to marry or get married. Some incidents in the past are what might have made these people be who they are. And these occurrences may have happened when they were still young. Take for instance a young girl who got raped while still in primary school leaving with the pain until she grew into becoming a woman. Later in life, they do not stand the sight of men. In some instances, some of these women end up hating not only their fathers but also the male children of a family. This is what posttraumatic stress is all about. Sexual life of a man may never be the same if at all he was assaulted by a much older woman while he was still a young boy. As a result of such instances, they may swear that they will never marry for the rest of their lives. Others go to an extent of become gays.
The Art of Mastering Remedies
Cases of posttraumatic stress occur after people witness fatal car accidents. Car accidents are common cases reported every now and then in the news. When accidents occur, lives are lost in the most disturbing manner. The images of these dead people remain in the minds of the witnessing lot for the rest of their lives. What may result later in life is posttraumatic stress.The Beginners Guide To Cures (Chapter 1)

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