How To Find The Best Digital Picture Frame

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You must have seen the commercials for amazing, high quality digital picture frames which enable you to view slideshows of your favorite photographs and videos. The only problem is, you don’t know which one is the best digital picture frame. There are plenty of them on the market today, from generic to name brand and choosing between them can be a pretty tough decision, especially when it means $150 + out of your pocket! Here are the top three best digital picture framing and a quick summary of the features and benefits they have in store for you:

Number One: The number one picture frame on the market is the wireless USB digital photo frame. There are various companies which are known for their innovative products and they have certainly stayed on the mark with this product. This digital picture frame is known as the best because it actually performs all the necessary digital needs without wires! Whether you are looking to transfer pictures from computer to frame or back again you will never have to plug in because it works off of WiFi. It can hold up to 80 pictures with its internal memory (external memory can be added as it can take up to five different types of memory cards) and it duel speakers for MP3 playing. You can get custom frames from arttoframe.

Number Two: E-Motion 3 in 1 multimedia frame is the second best picture frame on the digital market because it incorporates more than just picture frame capabilities. This frame actually serves as a portable DVD player and a CD player for all of your traveling needs!

Use the frame in your house to set up digital slideshows of your favorite pictures and videos or use it in the car to watch DVD’s on the go. The E-Motion multimedia frame has a battery time of 2.5 hours so you can get in an entire movie without charging up and you can wow your friends and family with stunning, high quality pictures. There are several other options available in the market to choose from.

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