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How to Choose the Right Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solutions With the huge number of electronic medical record (EMR) solutions nowadays, choosing can be challenging. Additionally, as the federal requirements are modified, reimbursements go down and patient care and compliance are always on the forefront, so the selection process can become more and more complex. Here are the most important considerations for choosing the right EMR solution: Efficiency in Time and Cost
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Although the upfront investment is high, plenty of EMR solutions come with long-term benefits that can easily offset this expense – mostly through savings in improved utilization/turnover of nursing time, billing errors and higher reimbursements.
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Abilities and Features With mobile caregivers and office-based billing and operations, the right software should cater to both your back-office functions, such as reporting, scheduling and billing, and your day-to-day clinical operations like patient care and documentation at point-of-care). Effective Communication Search for EMR software that offers highly reliable, 24/7 patient information access, allwoing you to plan care and comprehensive assessments more easily. When there is complete documentation available to QA department right after a patient visit, unnecessary follow-up with clinicians to request more information on past visits is significantly reduced. Moreover, you can regulate mileage reimbursement by getting rid of the need for clinicians to come to the office to fix errors in documentation. Interoperability Interoperability, or the capability of systems and devices for data exchange and mutual utilization, is now considered essential to the success of any practice. Data aggregation and access are now deemed fundamental to the improvement of patient outcomes and overall productivity, as well as reduction of costs. Data Focus Find EMR software that lets you to leverage your information to focus on specific areas for reviews. With actionable intelligence from your data, you can make smarter decisions. The objective is to have your data show that you are satisfying all criteria related to a certain diagnosis. Where the staff is documenting is an important point. For a post-patient visit, documentation quality diminishes. Training and Support Lastly, choose an EMR provider that offers support suitable to your needs, as well as continuing training on new offerings and features. See if they offer online elements that will be accessible round-the-clock for your team to become acquainted with the new program. Besides the routine technical assistance, you may want help with the installation of new features and upgrades or in fixing bugs. In a lot of cases, change is hard, but it can also be thrilling and empowering. Workflow changes are most likely going to affect most of your staff, if not all. So encourage them to speak up, voice out their questions and concerns and be involved, given that new EMR software will impact their everyday routine at work, their ability to provide optimal patient care, and sometimes even their general work-life balance.

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