Teeth Whitening – Options Available

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Teeth whitening procedures can not only help you accomplish pearly white teeth again, they can do wonders to the way you look besides boosting your confidence. The procedures are several and the choice to pick would depend to a great extent on the severity of staining of the teeth.

Whitening toothpaste for milder stains

Actually, toothpaste contains mild abrasive agents that help to remove and fight further staining. There is some toothpaste that has chemical or polishing agents that work to remove stains. The whitening toothpaste is effective against surface stains but they cannot fight deeper stains. The toothpaste does help lighten the color of the teeth and make them look less yellow in appearance. You can also read video testimonials by users via powerswabs-review.

Mouth rinses for teeth whitening

There are several whitening teeth options that are available over the counter in the kind of gels or strips. The gels contain peroxide that binds with the oxygen on the teeth and help to break down the molecules to probe deeper and get rid of the darker stains. The gels are applied directly to the teeth and results can be seen in about weeks’ time. Along with the gels, whitening strips are available that also contain peroxide. These strips need to be applied two times a day for 14 days at a stretch for results to be obvious.

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