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A Quick Anxiety Cure Worried is life is something that every sensible human being is bound to face. If you are worried constantly, this could mean unhealthy stress and anxiety levels. Whenever you are constantly experiencing this kind of stress and anxiety, you need to relax and go easy on yourself because too much of these can paralyze you as a person. This type of anxiety is sometimes not noticed by others because one can have stress and anxiety and still go about normally with their daily routine. Inside the person’s heart, the unsettling feelings continue. There is generalized anxiety or specific anxiety. Anxiety and fear, per se, are not one and the same thing. Fear comes when you perceive a threat while anxiety is associated with fight-or-flight response to a situation. When walking in a dark alley alone, you fear what lies in the dark, but your response to a squeaking mouse in the corner of the house is anxiety which is associated with a fight-or-flight response. This is a behavior that occurs when you are not ready or prepared to make an attempt to cope with an upcoming event. They call it heart’s intelligence, a highly effective method of alleviating anxiety. What this method does is to increase heart coherence or to have a heartbeat consistency. What you want to achieve is a smooth and balanced heart-rhythm pattern. Taking a deep breath can help you to naturally create a smooth pattern. This is the reason why we find ourselves taking a deep breath every time we start to feel muscle tension, increased heart rate and shortness of breath.
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This is how anxiety works: If you were late going out of your house for an appointment, you know you are indeed going to be late for that important meeting. While on the road you notice that the traffic is building up and you realize that you will surely be late for your appointment, so it adds to your frustration and your anxiety. So the things is, even before you had this harried thought to elude the slow pace travel, your heart has already responded since the time you walked out of your house.
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What you may not realize is that it is often the small daily stresses that impact you the most. And they keep adding up until the cumulative effect begins to take its toll on your body, your mind, and your spirit. Hence, even if you have a regular meditation practice, you exercise regularly, or you do yoga, they only keep your heart healthy but life still keeps moving and stress mounts from all unavoidable directions that come your way. The solution is to nip the emotional responses in these negative situations in the bud. So, instead of being stressed up the whole time, you can reduce your stress and use your energy for a better and a more creative use.

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